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 Hello Watch Men and WOF

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PostSubject: Hello Watch Men and WOF   Hello Watch Men and WOF Icon_minitimeWed Feb 01, 2012 12:10 am

Hello everyone My name is Todd and I just joined a few weeks ago and learning my way around these web pages. A little about me, I am a retired Army SSG , I was an infantry squad leader, a OPDET team member with PSYOP, SF canadiate, and after injurying myself on a few jumps became a supply sgt. Currently I have been going to school fulltime and graduate the end of this month with my BS in project management and look forward to being able to get to an FTX and meeting you guys. I have twenty two years of military knowledge to share with my fellow brothers, also I am a representive for Shield survial products,
We are going to offer a multitude of serious products of very high quality.
Emergency kits for the Home, Business or Boat.
Short and Long term food storage options custom designed for each person or families needs.
Tactical multi purpose tools and knives of the highest quality built in the US and sold exclusively through us.
Emergency products dealing with things nobody likes to think about (personal hygiene)
Med kids that are being designed by EMT's and Military Combat medics.
Real bug out kits, not the junk people are selling out there now.

And we will be offering custom designed bug out plans for families that include survival and medical manuals. These will be in a durable binder type format. They will also include mapped routes, rally points and local resource locations to allow people to deal with several contingencies.
We can help both serious preppers as well as folks who want to prepare, but don't know where to start.
please contact me for more information.
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Hello Watch Men and WOF
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