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 Well said Michael! The oath I took has no expiration date.

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PostSubject: Well said Michael! The oath I took has no expiration date.   Tue Jan 15, 2013 6:55 pm

The Three Percenter's Club

I just received a message from a person who shall remain nameless, asking me why I openly use my own name as the owner of the owner of the Three Percenters Club and if I was worried about being targeted by the government. My answer is simple. After spending most of my adult life serving in the military I refuse to run and hide and live by an Alias, because once I do, then I no longer live with the freedom I, along with many other soldiers, marines, sailors and airman before me fought so hard for and many of whom gave their lives. Once we live behind an Alias we no longer have that freedom.
So my message to the tyrants who are hard at work to destroy the very fabric of which our country was founded on and in which many service men and women shed their blood and gave their own lives for...don't waist your gas coming for us, because soon, very soon we'll be coming for you. Now you know who I am as I've always known who you are.

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Well said Michael! The oath I took has no expiration date.
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