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 The Three Percenter's Club

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PostSubject: The Three Percenter's Club   The Three Percenter's Club Icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2013 7:01 pm

The Three Percenter's Club

In the days to come I want you all to ask yourselves these very important questions; Will you lay down your arms when the government ask you too? How many of you will compromise your freedoms and liberties? How many of the LEO's will enforce these "unconstitutional" gun laws? How many of you will stand in the defense of our freedom? How many of you will honor your sworn oaths? I, Michael Graham III, will not lay down my arms. I will honor my oath to defend the people of my country and the freedoms and liberties in which our founders left for us. I will not only resist but I will fight against all unconstitutional laws and I will never compromise the freedoms, liberties and beliefs in which our country was founded on. I will stand in the defense of our country, so help me god.
We are very close to losing all of our freedoms, we cannot compromise in anyway with the second amendment. To do so would be compromising with all of our freedoms. We must stand strong and together now...because this will be where we win or lose our country.
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The Three Percenter's Club
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