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  A slap in the face to anyone who ever served......

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 A slap in the face to anyone who ever served...... Empty
PostSubject: A slap in the face to anyone who ever served......    A slap in the face to anyone who ever served...... Icon_minitimeWed Jan 30, 2013 10:40 am

When you consider John Kerrys past, The fact that he is now the US Secretary of state is a slap in the face to anyone who ever served. It is also a testament to the lack of knowledge and carelessness of American voters, especially in blue states. This man committed treason and was continually elected to serve as a US senator. He was even almost president in 04. Now with 94 of 97 votes he is the ranking US diplomat. I have no doubt we will see an increased death toll among those serving in hostile lands under this moron. If you thought Hillary was negligent you are really in for a ride now. This along with the elections of 2012, congress with the lowest approval rate in history had the majority of incumbents re-elected shows two clear facts that voters of this nation are at large too ignorant for self-governance and the government does not represent the best interest of the people. Fortunately our founders gave us the tools to restore the republic should it ever run astray. Those tools are exactly what they want to take away from us so that they can lord over us with impunity. The elections of 2014 will be critical if we can hold out that long; this will be the last chance to save America without burning it down and building from scratch. If the 2014 elections fail to restore the peoples voice it will be time to reignite the fires of liberty. Until then do just as you have been doing, Train, Stockpile, and prepare.
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A slap in the face to anyone who ever served......
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