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PostSubject: HORSE AND WAGON   HORSE AND WAGON Icon_minitimeSun Jun 26, 2011 8:40 pm

Horse and the Wagon

Imagine with me if you will a small six month old horse harnessed up to a
covered wagon.

He tries to pull it, but it’s so heavy for him. His feet slip as he tries
to dig them in to get a foothold. He pulls the muscles in his back and in his
legs as he presses himself into the service of pulling this wagon. He breathes
hard and deep to get enough wind so that he can supply his muscles with needed

The vertebrae in his back begin to pain him because of all the jerking
and jarring and the pressure he is bringing to bear in his efforts to pull this

Then miraculously and mercifully the owner of the wagon brings in a huge
adult Clydesdale. He double yokes the Clydesdale with the little six month old
horse. The Clydesdale pulls the wagon with ease, not even breaking a sweat. Now,
because the little horse is yoked together with the Clydesdale, all he has to do
is walk along beside the Clydesdale with his head in the yoke: the weight is all
being pulled by the Clydesdale.

Because the little horse is yoked with the Clydesdale, it appears like he
may be doing some of the pulling, however the Clydesdale is bearing the burden
while the little horse is at rest.

Now if the little horse tries to pull beyond the assistance of the
Clydesdale, he can easily bring the entire burden of the wagon down around his
neck. In such a case the little horse will again be struggling and hurting
himself because of his own efforts. But if he will just rest in the yoke and
walk along with the Clydesdale, his burden will be light indeed.

A question may be asked: so what is in the wagon that the little horse
was trying to pull?

His sin, righteousness, justification, sanctification; in short,

“a right and proper position with God.”
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