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 Securing The Free State

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PostSubject: Securing The Free State   Wed Mar 13, 2013 8:05 pm

We, Americans, have taken too much for granted for too long and forgotten far too much of our constitutional duty!

The people howl at every usurpation against the Second Amendment yet have no idea of what it requires of them.

Let’s put the whole thing in perspective. The Militia, or as some insist, the Militia of the several states, predates the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution.

The founding fathers intended it to remain an integral part of government yet not a military part although it had some military responsibilities. The standing (regular) Army was the military and stood post on the frontiers of the nation.

The Militia was prepared to be called forth to protect the local areas and enforce the laws of the union.

Since it is a constitutional entity that the government is required to support, the government has no authority to destroy, hamper or disarm the Militia. The Militia is comprised of everybody capable of bearing arms or acting in concert to enforce the laws of the nation or the states. It is the only entity constitutionally charged with this duty.

Congress, in their zeal to disarm the public, has attempted to destroy the Militia, and their vassal States have followed suit.

They passed Title 10 designating the National Guard as the Militia and everybody else as the unorganized Militia. This is an unconstitutional law as the constitution clearly requires the Militia to be organized and does not recognize special Federal Militias.

The National Guard is a special Federal Militia and does not meet constitutional muster as the Militia. Congress has no jurisdiction over the Militia with the exception of providing for its call up, arming and disciplining it.

When government refuses to act in its constitutional capacity, it is up to the citizens, acting in their constitutional capacity, as the Militia, to require or even force the government to recant.

Remember, the Militia is the Constitutional Homeland Security entity, not FEMA or any other alphabet agency.

How do we restore the Militia to its constitutional position?

We form Citizens Homeland Security Associations (CHSA) in every jurisdiction.

How does the CHSA work?

It works through committees assigned responsibilities for the following areas;
Law Research
Legislation Drafting

It is headed by a Chair, Vice Chair and requires a Secretary/Treasurer.

The Law Research Committee does the yeoman’s work of ferreting out ant-militia laws, statutes, codes and ordinances. These insidious mechanizations of destruction can be hidden anywhere.

Legislation Drafting Committees are critical to this effort. They take the results of the Law Research Committee and draft legislation for presentation to law making bodies. This legislation can be either legislation to repeal a law (A novel idea!) or modify the law to restore the constitutional power to the Militia.

The Lobbying Committee is comprised of members who are articulate and informed for they will be the people presenting the legislation to the legislative bodies and following up with visits to legislator’s offices.

The Education Committee does exactly that. They attend meetings of organizations and speak for the constitutional restoration of the Militia to its rightful place in society.

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Securing The Free State

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