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 GOVT Preachers

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PostSubject: GOVT Preachers   GOVT Preachers Icon_minitimeMon Mar 25, 2013 4:44 pm

Last night i watched a youtube video talking about the DHS working with well known pastors local and national to basically preach parts of the bible pertaining to not resisting govt officials if weapons need to be seized during a marshall law event. Basically use the bible to guilt trip christians into submission. Well i kid you not i was listening to some preachers on the radio this morning like normal and i could not belieave m ears! One preacher, i didnt get his name, started talking about the core of america being christian, wich is true but he when on to say we must be non violent no matter what happens in america. That if we were to survive as a christian nation we should basically go along with the program no matter what it is as long as we as passive. Friends i know most of you are christian too, we live in a fallen world with evil men defending yourself is not sinful its just an unfortunate part about this world. Infact one of Jesus's followers carried a swords this is highlighted when he cuts a mans ear off that comes to take Jesus away to be crucified. Guys and gals watch out for these preachers.
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GOVT Preachers
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