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PostSubject: New from MA   New from MA Icon_minitimeFri May 09, 2014 4:12 pm

Why am I here? Simply put. Both parties are violating the constitution and higher powers work with these parties to move the entire world to a new world order. I think our enemy is so vast and powerful that we need every single Liberty minded person to come together now. Every organization created that forces unconstitutional mandates upon us as law are NULL and VOID. We are being forced to suffer the consequences of unlawful actions by a tyrannical government who wishes us to give up Liberty and abandon all our forefathers sacrificed to give the gift of Liberty to us for a system of communism/ oligarchy. Our Liberty- our constitution came from almost a thousand years of study from England and corrupt kingdoms. The constitution is not out of date, nor will it ever be. Our constitution is a prime example of how people can be free. I am here because I know we need to prepare, continue to educate ourselves and come together if we are going to have a chance at restoring our Republic. I believe this is a place that offers an opportunity to get away from the front of my computer and take action to prepare with real people in the local vicinity to me. I am thankful for the Watchmen of America for their bravery, wisdom, and patriotism. God Bless.
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New from MA
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