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 Why join the Watchmen Of Florida or any other Group?

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Watchmen Jeff
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Admin / CO WoF

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PostSubject: Why join the Watchmen Of Florida or any other Group?   Tue Jun 28, 2011 7:42 pm

The Question:

Why join the Watchmen Of Florida or any other Group?

There can be many reasons for joining a group such as a preparedness or survivalists group. Most people that have decided to join a group have come to terms with what is going on in our country as well as the world. They have come to terms with what is going on in there state.

Being a member of the Watchmen Of Florida has nothing to do with your political views, race, religion or any of that stuff that the media has tagged with groups such as ours.

It simply has to do with you and your family and your willingness to make it though and survive any possible hardships that could take place. It has to due with the fact you know some thing is wrong with the direction our country is going and you knowing there is straight in numbers and the ability to survive is higher with a group than on your own.

So why join the Wathcmen Of Florida?

Unlike other groups we have several benefits to joining our group.

Watchmen Of Florida works with and coexists with a Watchmen group from every state in the United States, some states have not yet formed a Watchmen group as of this date but they will be doing so soon.

All State Watchmen Groups are under the umbrella of Watchmen Of America. One big benefit to joining Watchmen Of Florida is you have access to the Watchmen Of America program.
One of the unique benefits of the Watchmen Of America program is they have established a cost effective way of purchasing some of your start up gear. As well as many other benefits,
-Watchmen Of America Benefits-

With being a member of WOF you have access to group pricing from some online stores for purchasing equipment. We also have secured some great bulk pricing from some distributors.

Being in a group that has several groups though out the same state allows members to have other areas to evacuate to in the event it is needed.

In the event your area and home is in the direct path of a hurricane, other group members can come to your aid to help you secure your home by boarding it up and or providing security for your family.

In the event of a large scale disaster you have a support group to fall back on, people with training in many different areas to help all of us survive, but more than just survive the situation but to live.

There are other benefits to joining the Watchmen Of Florida; this information is only available to the members of the Watchmen Of Florida.

ClickHERE For more infomation

Thank you
Commanding Officer
The Watchmen Of Florida
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Why join the Watchmen Of Florida or any other Group?
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